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Passwords Generator.

The passwords generator features

The passwords generator allows to :

  • Generate passwords according to generation policy rules; define the charset to use during the generation and the minimum number of characters of each charset.
  • Define the size of the generated passwords
  • Generate random passwords according to the specified constraints
  • Directly copy the generated passwords in the passwords fields without displaying the passwords.
  • Remember where the passwords have been copied (destination URLs).

Starting the passwors generator

The main window of the FWSSO passwords generator can be sdisplayed using:

  • The tool->FWSSO->generate password menu.
  • The contextual menu inside a password field in an HTML page.
  • In the site configuration site window, in the credentials tab.

How to use the passwords generator

In this example, the goal is to renew the password of a delicious.com account with a more robust password compatible with the password requirement of delicious.com (only [a-z], [A-Z] and [0-9] characters). The site delicious.com was already captured, and an account already exists with a not-enough robust password. Here is the very detailed step-by-step process to generate a new password, to confirm it in the change password page of delicious.com and to reflect modification in the site credentials.

Step 1: access to the "change password form" of delicious.com

  • Direct access to the delicious.com account using the SSOList menu
  • In the "Settings" section, use the "Change password" link to open the renew password form.

Step 2: copy the current password in the old password field.

  • Open the configuration site window and select the delicious.com site.
  • Click on the credentials tab
  • Select the passwords generator button to copy the current password in the clipboard
  • FireWebSSO: copy the site's password in the clipboard.
  • Then paste the copied password in the old password field.

Step 3: generate a new password

  • Open the generator in using the contextual menu of the new password field, or in using the "Tools->FireWebSSO" menu.
  • Select the appropriate options in the "Password Policy": [a-z][A-Z][0-9] no extra characters. FireWebSSO: Passwords Generator: password policy.
  • Start the generation of passwords with a size of 12 characters.
  • Fill the password slots with "Push to empty slot" button. You may only one slot as you need only one password. FireWebSSO: Passwords Generator: password policy.

Step 4: copy the generated password

  • Use the contextual menu inside the new password field to select the first slot password. FireWebSSO: select the first password slot.
  • Use the same contextual menu inside the confirmed password field; note that the slot 1 indicates that the password was used for the current URL. FireWebSSO: select the first password slot.
  • You can now validate the form.

If you look at the Generator window, the destination URL is recorded

FireWebSSO: passwords generator ; updated destination URL.

Step 5: updating the site configuration.

  • In the sites configuration window, select the delicious.com entry.
  • Use the passwords generator button to open the password menu.
  • Select the slot 1 password (the URL information indicates the last usage of the password). And then Apply the configuration.
  • FireWebSSO: select the first password slot.